About Us

Barro Group, family owned and operated since 1946, is the leading independent supplier and distributor of premixed concrete, quarry products and a range of associated products.


We are a fully integrated resources, manufacturing and distribution organisation, running over 50 operating sites, 600 full time employees and hundreds of contractors. Well-equipped to provide continuous supplies of quality raw construction materials, advanced premixed concrete, quarry products, building/landscaping supplies, landfill services, recycling services, tyres, precast, transport, roof tiles,  genuine customer service and reliable delivery to any project – residential, commercial, civil, industrial.


The depth, experience and competence of our people are evidenced by our growth and diversification over the years.


Each Division of Barro Group is operated by an experienced management team and skilled workforce.

We take pride in our ethical and prudent business practices and strive for excellence in all that we do. Barro Group is committed to continuously improving performance to maintain high standards in occupational health and safety and environmental management, including recycling and energy-saving strategies.


We look after our people and are committed to encouraging and advancing our employees, teamwork, open honest communication and a safe working environment.


We value and serve our customers, exercising a strong focus on building relationships based on integrity, quality products and superior service.


By maintaining high standards and competitive prices, Barro Group has been the selected supplier of heavy construction materials to many landmark construction products and has a proven record of excellence.


Barro Group is clearly well suited both technically and through its modern production facilities to successfully meet the needs of major construction projects.